About us

With the blessings of our reverend Satgurudev Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Ji Maharaj and reverend Brahmvadini Swami Krishan Kanta Ji Maharaj, Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands was started by reverend Gurudev Brahmchari Dr. Dinesh Ji.

“A Way of Life”
Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands’ mission is to inspire and guide people to find a way of life that brings health, peace and wellbeing (physical, mental and spiritual) and that fosters togetherness and unity in society.



Group programs to study the Shri Ramcharitmanas and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.


Multi-day programs with Pooja, Hawan, Bhajan and Katha.

Yoga & Meditation

Practical and theoretical yoga and meditation courses, retreats and workshops.

Conferences & Festivals

Themed conferences and festivals, and discussion groups.


Books in Hindi

A list of books in Hindi by Satgurudev Ji.

Articles in English/Hindi

Different articles in English and Hindi.

Lectures (audio)

Lectures given at different occasions.

Books in English

A list of books in English by Satgurudev Ji.

Articles in Dutch

Different articles in Dutch.


Support us by donating directly to our account:
Name: Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands
Bank account number: NL43 INGB 0008 4420 29

Or support us by monthly donation through direct debit by completing our donation form.

Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands has an ANBI status
For tax refund: RSIN number 858683696

Your donation will help Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands to spread Wisdom, Love and Service and contribute to the welfare of society.


Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands 
Shri Rameshwar Dham
Brahmrishi Yoga Sadhna Centre
KvK No.: 71355928
RSIN No. 858683696

Phone/WhatsApp: 06-34857380 or 06-19218007

E-mail: brahmrishiashramnetherlands@gmail.com

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